Thursday, 5 September 2019

Self-driving in Ludhiana…what’s it like?

Ludhiana, a city so affectionately known as the Manchester of India, is a land worth visiting for the ones in adoration with the rich culture and public activity of Punjab. Greater number of the voyagers visiting Punjab, love to visit Ludhiana and Amritsar. Being the assembling center point of Punjab, the goods manufacturing quality of Ludhiana hasn't escaped anybody. And being amongst the ones with a knack of exploring the riches of a country like India, I did get a chance to visit this beautiful city. So here’s a glimpse of my experience of self-driving in this city.

Arriving in the city…

Stepping in Ludhiana after a rather comfortable journey, I was greeted by some industrial air and a weather perhaps not so kind. And just when I thought what more could go wrong, well, the cab driver didn’t show up and I was left kind of stranded. So I needed to take a nearby ride to my hotel. Not saying it was a terrible encounter, however, when you have your cash on it, that's right, it is a cerebral pain. So here's the way the events took a shape, I got to my hotel room, contemplated not calling the taxi rental again and started my quest for a superior and economical alternative of getting around the city.

Getting to know of the service…

Sitting in the hotel room and surfing on the rent for a feasible travel service I came across this service called self-drive car rentals in Ludhiana and thought about giving it a go. And here’s how the events unfolded, I booked a car and got the delivery just about on time. The car was surprisingly in a fine condition, something I wasn’t sure about. But I had no complications whatsoever.

Some experience…it was!!
So where to begin from? Right after getting the car dropped at hotel, I picked it and drove it to some local attractions of the city. Now how about getting a glimpse of the mesmerizing Phillaur Fort located on the Grand Trunk Road? Doesn’t it just speaks for itself? Or perhaps the local food en-route? Certainly the city has so much to offer, and the thing that I didn’t take long to realize was how amazing life can be with self-drive cars in anywhere. Take a halt anywhere, head to a different or distant location, change your travel plan in an instant. There is are open privileges that the service brings. And when it comes to the overall experience, well, the car worked fine and even though I didn’t need any assistance, the executive from the helpline was connected all along just in case I met an accident or the car gave any trouble.

So in a city like Ludhiana where there is so much to take a glimpse of, so much at your offering, perhaps the right the mode of travel would make things far better off for anyone. All you need is a valid driving license and you’re good to go. So here’s a fact, as far as my own experience with self-drive rentals is concerned, I easily find it the most economical and best option on any day. Thereby, anyone planning a visit to Ludhiana or to just about any major city of India, self-driving cars are perhaps a go to choice.          

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Self-Driving in Kolkata: The Heaven of the Aged

Kolkata, the city of joy, a land where the aged finds heaven!! Isn’t that what this city is known by? Well, it’s not difficult to understand the reason why tourists come pouring in to this city. There is so much to do and see in Kolkata. From famous architectural marvels to some mouth-watering food, the city has it all. So here’s a little glimpse of my experience of self-driving a rented car in this city.

Landing in Kolkata…

So where to begin from…? Catching an early morning flight and landing in this iconic city was a very different experience all together. Getting out of the terminal, I was welcomed by this heavy traffic of Kolkata and an air hard to describe. So let’s get straight on point without wasting any further time, shall we? Obviously we all know about the city’s offerings right? Now here’s a thing, the heavy traffic congestion in Kolkata alone, let alone the whole of India is a big problem, and so it proved to be for me as well. Settling myself in a nice hotel room and then thinking of moving out and exploring some street food of this city, specially the egg rolls…yep you’re right, those famous egg rolls, I was welcomed with open hands into a world of freaking travels and long walks. Now I thought the metro would be a better idea to travel, but there you go again, what a disaster of an experience it all was!!

Coming to know the rental service…

So sitting in my hotel room and gulping my hard earned egg rolls, I came across something like self-drive car rentals in Kolkata on the net, and thought about giving it a go. At least the travel would be comfortable I thought. The cost didn’t matter although it wasn’t very high. So I chose a small car according to my need, booked it and got it dropped at the hotel itself, just about on time. The condition of the car was fine, I got it with a full tank. So overall it was pretty hassle-free. Now here’s the next thing, how did my experience pan out to be? Well, cling on…

Trying it…   

Now on getting the car I didn’t waste any time and started my exploration around the city. So I drove to the famous Victoria Memorial, that’s right, that iconic marble building of Kolkata and holy heavens what an experience it was!! The car meanwhile worked fine, even though the clutch was a bit hard but honestly, who likes a loose clutch, right? But since it was a concern in any case I informed the road side assistance helpline and they offered to provide me with a changed car even though I didn’t take it. Quiet a service that, getting a car changed this quickly along your travels.

So what should I talk about? I took a halt at some of the popular places afterwards like the Indian Museum or the huge Howrah Bridge. Although the traffic was annoying in the city but honestly you can’t run away from it when in a city like Kolkata right? You’re not going to get any traffic in the metro or local trains there but there will be a lot of crowd to hamper your experience.

Now after a 2 day movement in the city it was time I fly back home but not before dropping the car back. So here’s another surprising part, the car was pickup up from the hotel itself where I stayed and no extra charges of any sorts were levied upon me. So the experience was quiet pleasing as far as the services are concerned. But here’s a suggestion for all the travel freaks thinking of renting a self-drive car, do look for the rentals which offer the most services and best price range. I personally recommend using self-drive rentals in cities where you have even a small amount of trouble travelling. Not only it makes your travel cheap and happening, it also gives you the necessary privacy.    

Sunday, 18 August 2019

The Eminence of Self-Driving in Mumbai

Mumbai, a City of Dreams!! The Financial Capital of India!! Isn’t that what this city is known by? Famous for the beautiful marine drive and the marvelous Gateway of India, the city has something in its air that just makes some explorers like me to come pouring in there. From architectural marvels to some famous beaches, Mumbai has it all for travellers. Being amongst the top travel cities in India, it wouldn’t surprise any of us if Mumbai tops the list of travel cities in India. For me personally, visiting this city was an experience that makes me want to go there again.

That Epic Beginning of the Journey…   
So where to begin from? Taking a flight from Delhi and landing in Mumbai turned out to be a little different for me. It didn’t take me long to figure out the high travelling prices in this city. The taxis meters are devils ready to take it all away from you. So here’s a thing, for an approximate travel distance for a cab/taxi for 44kms in Mumbai will cost you around INR 968, which is a tat higher than the rest of the cities in India. Now getting out of the airport, I had to hire a cab for a 50 kilometers distance to my hotel which priced me a considerable amount. Quiet a hassle too, taking a cab and getting somewhere in Mumbai. Although it seems very convenient when you sit around at the backseat and enjoy the views of this city but honestly, not everyone can spend so much on a daily basis when in Mumbai unless you’re some rich brat with a lot of money to spare right?

Getting to know about self-drives…

So I came across this nice cab driver on my way to a friend’s place who cared enough about the expenses and told me about something like self-drive cars in Mumbai to save me from those extra expenses. Surfing on the net, I came across a self-drive rental and thought about giving it a go. The price is pretty reasonable when you compare it to a local cab hire. So I got the car for a two day round off, got it delivered at the hotel which is convenient. And honestly, why would you go for such a service if you have to pick up the car from a different location and to get to that location you have to get there first by spending more bucks? So considering the scenario, it was convenient.

Worth it…
Driving around the beautiful marine drive and exploring places at my own will, who doesn’t like that? And with a free road side assistance, it was a comfortable experience moving about in the city. Although the car wasn’t as up to the mark as I expected it to be, but it was certainly in a way better condition that the rest of the cabs and taxis that you come across in this city. So here’s a thing to note, self-drives cars are easy to book, less costly and worth trying in a city like Mumbai where you might want to get around some other untouched places as well. Doing that isn’t possible with taxis and even if you make it happen, well you probably will a tough time dealing with the behavior pf the taxi drivers and the cost would bear upon you.

So step worrying about the worthiness of the self-drive rentals in a city like Mumbai. Give it a try and enjoy the Beautiful an economical experience of moving about the famous financial capital of India.   

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

What’s It Like to Rent a Self-Drive Car In Bengaluru…?

Bengaluru!! A city we all call as the IT hub of India, is an ideal ceasing point for voyagers like me making a beeline for some amazing spots like Coorg or Ooty. From a quick changing climate to some notable shopping areas, the city has it all for voyagers pouring around from all over India and the remainder of the world. But to have a merry time in Bengaluru isn’t that easy. So here's a story of my experience attempting a self-drive rental in the city.

Arriving in the City…

Welcomed by the sound of substantial traffic and some genuine deluge, escaping the terminal and entering Bengaluru was anything but an extremely upbeat encounter for me. Now here’s a question for you all, what do you expect when you land in a city for the first time? A comfortable cab? Even a comfortable journey to your hotel? Well, it was nothing like it!! Hiring a cab and getting stuck in traffic on my way to hotel for about an hour was a genuine pain indeed. And we’re all quiet aware of the duration charges the cabs charge nowadays right? So don’t even ask about the travel time charges that I had to pay. That was when I got to know a few facts about this beautiful capital of Karnataka.

Over the years, Bengaluru has seen an immense rise in population with an estimated population of 11.4 million people. But what is still a worry is the infrastructural advancements which have failed to keep up the pace with the rising population. Now if there are so many people in Bengaluru, there is bound to be chaos on the roads of this city. So thinking of ways to save money and searching for a feasible service I came across this random self-drive car rental and settled on giving it a go.

Some Experience, it was…

The internet was on a slower side around the hotel area. Tough to think of it in the IT Hub, isn’t it? But that’s how it all went through- so the internet was slow, I went out, booked a car, got it dropped at the hotel just about on time and drove through that relentless traffic of Bengaluru, yep, you heard it right, that relentless traffic!!

Be that as it may, here's a thing, the vehicle was spotless, completely working appropriately and honestly, answer this-what do you anticipate from the vehicle when you drive along on a vacation? Solace? Tidiness? All things considered, I got everything. So driving around a portion of the excellent destinations in the city was an extraordinary encounter and the best part, the customer care was shockingly really responsive and in spite of the fact that I didn't require it, there was this epic service called Free Roadside Assistance, stunning, isn't it?

So here's a last word from me for all the potential guests to Bengaluru and perpetual pioneers there, give these self-drive cars in Bengaluru a go and have a great time going around the city at a lot lesser costs.

Thursday, 18 July 2019


Bordered by Haryana and Gurugram, situated at the heart of North India, Delhi attracts large number of tourists every year from all around the world. Famous for its architectural marvels and gobbling food, travelers love playing around Delhi. But if you’re thinking that achieving this fun is easy in Delhi, well, you’re mistaken. Driving around Delhi can be tough at times, especially in summer months. With the souring temperatures and rising travelling expenses, you are bound to spend some real brace from your pocket.

So if you’re standing at Red Fort under the scorching Delhi heat and thinking that now you should visit the Humayun’s Tomb, what travelling options can you think of in such cases? Getting puzzled about controlling expenses during traveling in and around Delhi can be a huge task. With the cab prices having risen by about 40%-50% in the last two 2 years, the option of renting a self-drive car in Delhi is here to save your money.

Self–Driving a car can be cheap and exhilarating at the same time. Not only you get the freedom of driving around the streets of Delhi at your own terms but you also get that necessary privacy which you expect in your own car. You can stop by at any point of your choice and enjoy those little things that Delhi offers to the travelers. So if you’re really stressing your mind now into pondering about the best self-drive service in Delhi, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Mychoize self-drive service is at your rescue. Mychoize offers the best deals and customer service in the market today with a wide variety of cars to choose from. The best part about Mychoize is the way the cars are delivered and the condition of the cars. Mychoize delivers the cars right at your doorstep in the same condition you expect your own car to be in. The self-drive service from Mychoize is for every traveler who is tempted about the idea of exploring the city.

Not only the prices that Mychoize offers are reasonable, the whole payment machinery is transparent. Hiring their service is unbelievably easy, i.e., three small steps and you’re good to go. The most stunning thing about Mychoize is the costumer support which is rapid and responsive. For the ones who love to travel and explore the beautiful city of Delhi, Mychoize offers unlimited kilometers so you can enjoy driving around the city without worrying about the distance limit.

Nothing is better than renting a self-drive sedan or a car of your choice and driving through the streets of Delhi at your own will, a true explorer’s delight. So if you’re planning to visit to Delhi or to just about any major city in India any time sooner, I recommend to use MYCHOIZE service. It will not only save your money, but would also give you the privilege of travelling on your own terms. Try it and you would not regret it.           

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

How it Takes Time to Adjust to Home after a Long Travel Time

It is absurdly strange after a long time of solo travel to be at home, which appears like a foreign land, unlike the foreign cities that I have actually visited earlier. When I was in India for four months, I felt like being at home. I never felt like people hated me there; rather they treated me like I was their own kin who had come home after a long time. When it was time to leave, my friend, Rohan asked me if I would feel okay to go home. I understood what he meant to say, but I replied that I keep returning to the UK once or twice in a year. However, this time, it had already been two years that I had not seen anyone in the family face-to-face.

When I reached home, I really felt like I had arrived in a new country. Kids in the neighborhood seemed more direct about everything, and ruder to the strangers. I didn’t like it that way because I was brought up in a time when everyone was taught to be polite, no matter what. Food choices of people have changed, the clothing has acquired a new fashion sense among men and women, and people seem to be busier than ever before.

Things do acquire a new meaning when you are out of touch for a long time. I had heard it from everyone that travel changes the personality of a traveler. I did notice a few changes in me, but a few subtle vagaries went unnoticed. I never realized that I had become a completely different person than I used to be. Amendments in the personality are very slow when you are on a long, really long road trip. And I always felt like I had been like this only all this while. Being back home made me realize that I had actually become a different person.

Back there in India, I spent a long time in the south admiring the natural beauty of the country. I would hire an Innova for hire for self drive in Chennai and go for a long road trip. When I was in the middle-east, most of my time would be spent in absorbing the shocking culture of the countries. Japan was way more expensive than I had thought. However, all these things never bothered me because I always knew that I was in a foreign country. I was the one who needed to adjust because everyone else was born there, or had already spent a long time there.

Maybe I am just being irrational while thinking of my own country as a strange land. Maybe I am trying to find an excuse to fly to some other place again. I cannot point out what is wrong with my mind, but I don’t like the feeling of being a stranger in my own hometown. I would, perhaps, fly to some other country really soon.

Friday, 15 March 2019

How I Enjoy My Vacation in India and Abroad

After being a traveler for so many years, it is not easy to write down what I like the most about a place. Nonetheless, I do like to travel to various places, most of which are in India, and some of them are abroad. Here is my top list of things that I love to do, no matter where I am.

Enjoy being idle

Whether I am at an airport or a railway station, I just love sitting at a place to watch people busy in their lives. In my usual city life, I barely get a chance to sit with myself. That is why; I enjoy the waiting period at such places and do nothing at all. Even if I feel sleepy, I prefer to stay awake and observe people doing various things. There are parents busy with their cute kids, old people struggling to read the newspaper, people from various backgrounds struggling to find their train or the way to boarding the airplane.

I also love to wait for people at the caf├ęs, restaurants, or public parks unless I have something urgent in my schedule. While I was sitting in the garden city browsing self drive cars in Bangalore, I met a lovely elderly couple who talked about their life history with me. It was intriguing to know how they survived a plane crash in London. I had never met a truly grateful person before that day, and just one session of conversation made me realize the gifts I had in my life. 

Read books

I am not a tech-savvy person at all, which is why I never thought of buying a Kindle to pursue my love for reading books. Even though I am a lazy reader, I am persistent at it. During my airport hours, I make sure to read something if the waiting time is too long. The railway stations in India sell interesting novels at throwaway prices, and I buy them in abundance whenever I get a chance.

Window shopping

There used to be a time when I would shop for literally anything that caught my eye at a tourist destination. However, I have matured as a traveler with time and I am not an impulsive buyer anymore. Nonetheless, it does not mean that I have stopped visiting the local markets completely. Now I prefer to go for window shopping and shop for things that I truly feel will not take any extra space at home. I don’t like to haggle too much with the locals of a tourist place, which is why, I tell the shopkeeper upfront that I am only looking around at stuff and I don’t intend to buy anything. They also understand my thoughts as they encounter several window shoppers in a day. I get out of a shop once I am done satisfying my eyes with the beautiful local stuff.
Travel gives a lot of time to kill, but I love to enjoy it rather than just pass the time.